This Week in Iridium - #5

Summary of what happened in the fifth week

Week 5


Below is a list of changes made this week in Iridium.

You can find the repo for Palladium here:

VM Changes (all with tutorials)

  • Added simple PID tracking to the VM. Using random UUIDs for now

  • Refactored command processing in the REPL.

    • Commands now start with a !

    • There is proper tokenization now

    • Each command is handled by a separate function

Language Changes

  • Started on the higher-level language, Palladium. (I wanted Osmium but that crate name was taken)

    • It can currently compile very simple arithmetic expressions down to Iridium assembly

Website Changes

  • Learned how to buy a .rs domain. Will setup proper sites for and soon.


  • Added licenses, code of conducts, issue types, etc to the repos to try to make it easier to contribute.

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